holy golly

Jag har bestämt mig för att sy nya gardiner till vardagsrummet/köket. Det ska bli hissgardiner, för det verkar sådär lagom hårslitande, tandagnisslande svårt.

Som förarbete frossar jag i tutorials skrivna av amerikanska hemmafruar.

“Ooohh! Initially, these will NOT just pull up and lay beautifully flat on their own. They may very well bunch up and scare the heck out of you, as if you’ve done something wrong. You merely need to help the folds to be folds the first few times they are pulled up, until they develop their own ‘fold memory’. Promise! We are getting very close to voila! Well, really we are already there, but I have a couple more things to mention.”

“The bar really is key to a nice hang. Try pulling one of these blinds up without it…you’ll laugh!”

“The main reason I like these blinds is it’s the quickest, cheapest, easiest way to add dimension, personality and a custom look to a room. But almost as importantly it also satisfies my need for a uniform “all white window coverings” look on the outside of my home.”


2 thoughts on “holy golly

  1. Haha! Beställde just en hissgardin till elles rum efter att ha övervägt att sy en egen, men jag insåg mina begränsningar innan jag knappt tänkt tanken

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